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Company Summary:

Numed Healthcare is a leading supplier of innovative medical devices. Our products help customers save time, reduce costs and improve patient care. All equipment is supplied with our comprehensive support services.

How can you help our members?

Numed Healthcare supply a range of weighing scales and measuring solutions suitable for use by community pharmacies.

Our Seca medical scales make weighing easy for healthcare professionals and are designed to make patients feel secure and comfortable when being weighed. Our top-quality measuring tapes are designed to make measuring quick and easy.

We have been a leading supplier of medical equipment for over 20 years and our success is due to the very complete service that we offer. We try to ensure that our customers always get the right solution for their needs by carefully selecting devices that we believe are the most suitable.

What support is provided?

All scales and height measures are supplied with unlimited remote desktop support from our highly skilled technical team.

Many of our scales are also supplied with a market leading 4-year warranty for added peace of mind.


Cost to members:

We have specially selected a range of Seca scales and measures that we believe are most suitable for community pharmacies. These include:


  • Seca 875 Class III Digital Flat Scales – £162 + VAT
  • Seca 955 Class III Electronic Chair Scale (has swivel arms for easy access) – £683.10 + VAT
  • Seca 201 Measuring Tape – £5.21 + VAT
  • Seca 203 Measuring Tape – £8.99 + VAT
  • Seca 206 Roller Measuring Tape – £27.85 + VAT
  • Seca 213 Portable Height Measure with Carry Case – £67.45 + VAT


Our full range of weighing scales and measuring solutions can be found at


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