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How can you help our members?

Super-fast controlled drug entries- 3 seconds per entry, and fast and flexible bulk balance checks.

Huge time saving and cost savings

Simple to use: Intuitive and similar to modern smart phone apps.

Intelligent:: Prevents discrepancies throughout, with alert features e.g wrong patient or register selected

Cost saving. Detects and prevents waste due to redundant stock. 56 Oxycodone 80mg costs over £100!

Head office module: This allows the ability to monitor and investigate registers remotely. Inter branch transfer allows you to save hundreds of pounds by avoiding wastage of expensive CD’s.  Compliance monitoring for RP log, Fridge log, expired CD’s and much more.

What support is provided?

Telephone and Online Customer Support. The following videos are also available to view. Start off with setting Zoom on a Chrome browser:

 Log into CDsmart (PHARMACY then as USER) Creating a PERSONAL USER account from website
Setting Opening times Personalise CDsmart to work the way you want
Creating USER accounts for Locums, new staff or Inspectors Adding your FIRST register
Add or Create a single register Adding more than one register
Finding or selecting a register Making a Supplied and Received Entry (after Qty press “Enter” twice)
Adding bulk Patients, Doctors or Suppliers in advance or edit details Log into Personal USER area, Locum, manager, dispenser etc
Expired out of date CD’s (NOT PATIENT RETURNS) Bulk Balance Check
Finding help and reporting problems CD Destruction register for Patient Returns

What can you offer our member as added value?

Cost and time savings, plus other innovative products will be created.

Cost to members

£20 less 10% i.e £18/month for 11 months only plus 1 month free trail.

Absolutely no tie-in period.

A full money back guarantee to all new NPA users for the first 6 months once CDsmart is used for record keeping.

Larger groups can benefit from the discounted Head Office system.


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