All prescription medicine packs produced after that date must have a tamper evident seal and unique code. Packs will display a 2D barcode (data matrix) which will incorporate the unique code, along with the product code, batch number and expiry date.

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What do I need to do?

  1. Get ready – FMD is coming, even with Brexit looming.
  2. Don’t overcommit – avoid being tied into long-term contracts unnecessarily.
  3. Read our Superintendent update: FMD – have you received an email asking you to be ‘on-board’ by 31 October 2018?

Watch out for more information from the NPA – over the coming weeks, the NPA will be producing further guidance on FMD IT solutions including a ‘Solutions Matrix’ highlighting the capabilities of the IT solution systems on offer.

A general update from the UK FMD Working Group is available.

For additional information, see also:

FMD Source

Government Guidance on Implementing the Falsified Medicines Directive: Safety Features

What is the NPA doing?

The NPA worked with other European pharmacy associations to lobby the European Commission and European Parliament as the FMD legislation was being developed. Aside from being part of the database organisation SecurMed UK, the NPA has established the UK FMD working group for community pharmacy. Its membership encompasses the UK’s main pharmacy contractor bodies (the NPA, AIM, CCA, PSNC, Community Pharmacy Scotland, Community Pharmacy Wales, and Community Pharmacy Northern Ireland). Engaging regularly with the Department of Health, the MHRA, and PMR and other IT suppliers, the group is seeking a pragmatic approach to implementing FMD.

Furthermore, the NPA has prepared the following webinar:

Are you ready?

View the NPA’s resources below and further advice

NPA brief guide to FMD

A comprehensive resource in an FAQ format to help you understand the Falsified Medicines Directive, which comes into effect from 9th February 2019.

Checklist for compliance by 9th February 2019

FMD requires you to have a system in place by this date. It makes sense to plan in advance how you will comply. We would advise our members to follow this checklist.

Is your PMR provider right for you?

Before you sign any contract, use our guidance to help you ensure you've chosen the best solution for your needs.


Our template Essential SOPs provide a clearly defined pathway for pharmacy teams, ensuring the safe and effective running of the pharmacies of our members.

Compare standalone FMD solutions

View a solutions matrix comprehensively comparing 5 standalone providers.

FMD Solution - NPA Member Deal

FMD Connect is a custom-built standalone solution created specifically to enable its users to be fully compliant.