Insurance for NPA members

Full membership of the NPA includes pharmacy Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability cover.

Defending you, your business and your reputation when things don’t go to plan has always been at the heart of everything we do.

Providing pharmacy professional indemnity insurance cover for up to £10 million to NPA members, their employees and engaged locums to protect them in the event of making a professional mistake during the course of their work.

NPA pharmacy professional indemnity insurance for pharmacy owners provides members with defence, representation, legal advice and assistance on matters connected with their business and affairs.

NPA Insurance is staffed by highly qualified and experienced personnel who are able to advise members on a wide range of issues which affect them in the course of their daily activities – such as professional and public liability and NHS and regulatory matters.

Additional Wholesale cover can be purchased as an extension to this policy for the pharmacy wholesale dealing operations.

Professional Indemnity insurance cover is also available for:


Policy features

Professional indemnity £10,000,000
Public liability £10,000,000
Product liability £10,000,000
Legal defence/expenses £10,000,000
Employment tribunals £10,000,000
Disciplinary hearings Cost of each representation
at disciplinary hearings up
to £5,000 (plus VAT)
Coroners’ inquest £10,000,000
Other tribunals (e.g. NHS) £10,000,000
Legal advice £10,000,000
Analysis £10,000,000


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