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We are the heart and hands of the NHS in our neighbourhoods.


"Patients are often surprised when they find out that I can prescribe and that they don’t always have to wait to see a GP - surprised and often very relieved."


We want to do what's right and actually add value to our community and make sure we're helping people rather than just what some people might perceive as a retail transaction.


One of my proudest moments was helping a whole family give up smoking.


This year will see 70 years since the so-called ‘Appointed Day’, designated by the National Health Act of 1946. The National Health Service’s first day of operation. I find myself invited to take part in a local expert panel convened to discuss this momentous day and deliberate on the future of this great national institution.


Building on the success of last year’s conference activity, the NPA will have a stand at each of the major political party’s conferences in the coming weeks.


Are you doing enough to safeguard your cyber security?


In my role as Policy Manager at the NPA, I take issues of concern to independent pharmacists and develop policy recommendations in consultation with members, NPA staff and the Board. The ultimate aim is to shape public policy and influence the approach of the NHS and other stakeholders impacting our sector.


Pharmacies are a hugely under-utilised resource within the NHS. To change this, there must be more ambition amongst policy makers, commissioners of services, and government ministers. Their attitudes show that pharmacy has been misplaced in the healthcare scheme; there are so many ways that we could help further


In my role as chief pharmacist at the NPA I meet a lot of dedicated pharmacists all over the country. The last few months, with government cuts hanging over us in England, have been difficult for everyone but something it has highlighted is the irreplaceable role that pharmacies play for the public.