My proudest NHS moment

04 Jul 2018

We are the heart and hands of the NHS in our neighbourhoods.

“A patient had nominated our pharmacy team as we had supported her mental health alongside our excellent clinical role caring for her physical ailment.

As a result of her condition,  she had lost her job , was getting  increasingly socially isolated with the risk of further deterioration in her mental wellbeing.

We had acted proactively, contacting her regularly ,  supporting  her to be  more resilient and socially engaged.

We were really genuinely surprised to be informed of our award.

No less so than because we only did what many other community pharmacies likewise do daily.

Community pharmacy is the most accessible NHS outpost, a place where physical , mental and social challenges affecting the health and wellbeing of our communities gets resolved.

We perform this role because of the brilliant vision that created the NHS , of which we are an integral part not an adjunct .

The challenges faced today are multifaceted , the impact of social care and mental health  on physical health focusing attention on why parity of attention and resources across all three is essential.

As our patients and many others across the country can attest, community pharmacy offers so much.

We are the heart and hands of the NHS in our neighbourhoods.”

Ade Williams, Superintendent Pharmacist at Bedminster Pharmacy in Bristol.

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