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January | 21/01/2020

NHS England and NHS Improvement have launched their 'Help Us, Help You Campaign'.

January | 17/01/2020

The Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group priorities for 2020 has now been published

January | 16/01/2020

Acting Chair of the Board, Andrew Lane, reports:

January | 16/01/2020

The “NPA Malaria prophylaxis information” leaflet has been updated; there are some minor amendments to the malaria prophylaxis information for a few countries and some additional/amended general information

January | 15/01/2020

Cathy Harrison, Northern Ireland’s newly appointed Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, told NPA members this week that their “skills are increasingly in demand”.

January | 14/01/2020

A Class 4 medicines defect information alert has been issued by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for Zapain tablets 30mg/500mg (codeine phosphate/paracetamol)

January | 14/01/2020

The MHRA has launched the next phase of their Fake Meds Campaign focusing on self-test STI kits.