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September | 07/09/2017

Ranitidine oral solution 75mg/5ml is licensed for use in children but contains ethanol as an excipient; is there a maximum content of alcohol permitted in a medicinal product for use in children?

September | 07/09/2017

Can a patient use emergency contraception more than once within the same menstrual cycle?

August | 31/08/2017

Superintendent update providing the third NPA Scotland patient safety incident report, including top tips for error minimisation.

August | 30/08/2017

Can dentists prescribe an item by its brand name on an NHS prescription?

August | 24/08/2017

Several formulations of tablets for oral use are available including dispersible, effervescent and soluble formulations; what are the differences between these three?

August | 17/08/2017

What is the VAT liability of incontinence products, including incontinence pads?

August | 10/08/2017

A prescription for isotretinoin capsules indicates the female patient has opted out of the pregnancy prevention programme; do the prescribing/dispensing restrictions still apply?

August | 10/08/2017

Is it a legal requirement to record the destruction of patient-returned Schedule 3 Controlled Drugs?

August | 10/08/2017

Can veterinary medicines be sold from a pharmacy?

August | 10/08/2017

Nine regulators have released a joint statement setting out the expectations of healthcare professionals around conflicts of interest