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December | 14/12/2016

A Class 4 medicines drug alert has been issued for Amoxicillin suspension sugar free 125mg/5ml and 250mg/5ml.

December | 13/12/2016

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA), the UK-wide association for independent community pharmacies, has taken the next step in its legal challenge to the Department of Health's decision to cut community pharmacy funding in England.

December | 13/12/2016

The NPA has given notice that it will not continue to fund Pharmacy Voice beyond the end of 2017, the end of the current three year agreement between the founding associations.

December | 13/12/2016

Superintendent update explaining the changes to the December 2016 Drug Tariff, including top tips for dealing with them.

December | 12/12/2016

The NPA has developed a list of contact details for safeguarding leads for each Clinical Commissioning Group in England.

December | 12/12/2016

Can I dispense Neo-Safe T CU 380 if I have an NHS prescription for Neo-Safe T380 intrauterine device?

December | 12/12/2016

Can I dispense a HBP(A) instalment prescription form for methadone 1mg/ml oral solution for 28 days treatment from Scotland in England?

December | 10/12/2016

Has SMA Gold Prem 2 powder undergone a name change?

December | 07/12/2016

Support Your Local Pharmacy update

December | 06/12/2016

Superintendent update announcing the launch of new NPA monitored dosage system (MDS) resources.