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June | 25/06/2019

NHS England has issued a warning for a potential heatwave between Tuesday and Thursday this week – NPA “Heatwave: guidance” is available

June | 24/06/2019

As part of our on-going review of the services we provide to members, we are making changes to the Clearing House service.

June | 21/06/2019

Epanutin® oral suspension 30mg/5ml – actions during shortage

June | 19/06/2019

Superintendent update on the Scotland Patient Safety Incident Report (October 2018 to March 2019)

June | 19/06/2019

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June | 18/06/2019

The NHS has issued guidance for Local Pharmaceutical Committees on how to help contractors get involved with Primary Care Networks.

June | 17/06/2019

Superintendent Update on Epipen supply and the supply of medicines through 'vending machine-style dispensers'

June | 17/06/2019

Epanutin Infatabs 50mg – action during shortage

June | 14/06/2019

The MHRA is asking community pharmacy teams to share videos with patients to promote the Yellow Card Scheme

June | 14/06/2019

There are shortages of disopyramide capsules in strengths of 100mg and 150mg