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January | 04/01/2018

Are Multiclix lancets (0.3mm/30 gauge) allowed on an NHS prescription?

January | 04/01/2018

A Class 2 Medicines Recall has been issued for a certain batch of Molipaxin capsules 100mg (manufactured by Winthrop Pharmaceuticals UK Limited trading as Zentiva)

January | 03/01/2018

Community pharmacies must ensure that any existing digital platforms meet the NHS Identity guidelines by January 2018

January | 02/01/2018

Is contraception required for a woman who has recently given birth, had an abortion or miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy?

January | 02/01/2018

Can dexamfetamine and lisdexamfetamine be entered in the same Controlled Drug register insert?

January | 02/01/2018

I have been presented with an NHS prescription for estradiol/norethisterone acetate tablets 2mg/1mg; what do I dispense?

December | 12/12/2017

Superintendent update discussing GPhC revalidation

December | 07/12/2017

The MHRA highlights the risks related to the use of slimming pills purchased online

December | 01/12/2017

Superintendent update providing the fourth NPA Scotland patient safety incident report, including top tips for error minimisation

November | 30/11/2017

The recommendations for vitamin D supplementation have been updated by the Scottish Government