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December | 07/12/2017

The MHRA highlights the risks related to the use of slimming pills purchased online

December | 01/12/2017

Superintendent update providing the fourth NPA Scotland patient safety incident report, including top tips for error minimisation

November | 30/11/2017

The recommendations for vitamin D supplementation have been updated by the Scottish Government

November | 30/11/2017

Can I dispense Elvanse Adult capsules 30mg against a prescription written as “Elvanse capsules 30mg”?

November | 30/11/2017

I have received an NHS prescription for an oral contraceptive where the quantity is expressed in original packs (OP); how will I be reimbursed?

November | 29/11/2017

Viagra Connect (sildenafil) has been reclassified from a POM to a P medicine

November | 29/11/2017

Updated guidance on switching between different brands/manufacturers of antiepileptic medicines has been issued by the MHRA

November | 28/11/2017

A reminder on the association between quinine and its dose-related QT-prolonging effects has been issued by the MHRA

November | 27/11/2017

Pharmacists are reminded that oral tacrolimus products should be prescribed and dispensed by brand

November | 24/11/2017

Can I be the superintendent pharmacist of more than one body corporate?