Medicines counter assistant course

The table below features responses to our Medicines counter assistant course.

“All queries about this course were covered satisfactorily by the NPA , the staff were very helpful
even during this difficult period of COVID-19”

Gabriella da Costa – West Cliff Pharmacy

“I will carry this knowledge forward and use it in the future.”

Grieg Matthew – Charles Michie

“In my opinion the content and information about each section was explained in thorough detail, which was extremely helpful for my learning. The end of section quizzes on the online platform, helped to support and broaden my understanding of each topic.”

Meena Sharma – Langley Pharmacy

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I believe it has given me the confidence to perform more professionally within the workplace.”

 Samir Mastan – LRM Dispensing Chemist

“I found the whole course to be beneficial and it went into great detail to cover the topics”

Hannah McGarrigle – B N Gormley MPS


Dispensary assistant course

The table below features student feedback from those who have completed the accredited Dispensary assistant course.

“I completed this course during the COVID pandemic and the online platform the NPA used updated whilst I was on the course as well. The NPA offered support that was clear and informative throughout.”

Ben Jones – Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy

“Had a lot of support from the NPA, which helped immensely”

Hardeep Kaur – Garmant Pharmacy

“The course had everything I needed to know for my position as a dispenser”

Helen Kain – Clear Pharmacy

“Very informative and useful, gave me good knowledge to apply in the pharmacy, the pharmacy laws section was very thorough”

Ellen Tait – West Street Pharmacy

“The NPA was excellent all the way through my course. The support I received all the way through my course was great, nothing was too much trouble the support team was always helpful and polite and I would like to thank them”

Lesley Phillips – Millwards Ltd.


Other course feedback

The table below presents further feedback from some of our other courses.

“I now feel more confident and have become a more valued member of the pharmacy team as I have completed the course and received the accreditation to do my job.”

Julie Stone – Norie’s Pharmacy – Delivering medicines safely and effectively

“This course highlights the importance and the responsibility of being a delivery driver”

 Gary Hinchcliffe –  Heath Pharmacy – Delivering medicines safely and effectively

“All of the course was informative and extremely useful to my role” 

Pauline Fieldhouse – Morrison Pharmacy – Delivering medicines safely and effectively

“I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. The content is well organised and focused on practical situations. The course is very informative, to the point and has a good structure. I really liked the format of the materials. In the discussions I had with the L&D assessor, they answered my questions in a nice, professional way, which was very helpful. I would highly recommend the NPA in comparison to other organisations.”

Uma Chauhan – Clarke Pharmacy – Accuracy checking for technicians


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