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BD Rowa deliver serious efficiencies in the community pharmacy environment, saving you money and time, and increasing profitability.

In addition to the automation solutions and digital technology, we can offer advice on pharmacy workflow and customer experience, improving efficiencies in the pharmacy environment.

Wastage can be reduced to near non-existent. The warehouse management software and the Rowa system will go hand in hand to manage your stock. Expiry dates can be managed semi-automatically at the input station or fully automatically with Rowa ProLog. The management of split packs is no problem, either.

BD Rowa provide automated warehousing and dispensing solutions for pharmacies and other healthcare facilities. Our portfolio also includes a range of digital solutions which enhance customer experience by improving consultation and allowing self-service in the pharmacy environment.

Automation allows stabilizing of expenditure, without impacting growth plans. Stock holding can be reduced, in turn releasing capital tied up in stock. With more efficient, intelligent stock management processes, you’ll have a real picture of what you’ve got on stock – anytime. Reorders can be done just-in-time at the touch of a button.

All product information and datasheets/brochures are available online.

Without automation, 60% of the time your staff spends per customer is used to search the medication and bring it to the counter. With a Rowa system, they can stay at the counter and order the pack via the warehouse management system. The pack will be delivered to their position within 8-12 seconds.

The time saved can be used to focus on the needs of the customer: give recommendations regarding the requested medication or gain additional sales – and benefit of a higher level of customer retention.

With more than 12,000 systems installed worldwide, the Rowa brand stands for quality and reliability. BD is a global medical technology company that promotes healthcare by improving research, diagnostics, and care.


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“As a pharmacist, time is of the essence in ensuring efficient service to our customers. The BD Rowa™ EasyLoad add-on to our dispensing machine eliminates the burden of loading medications. This innovative solution streamlines our workflow and liberates a full staff member to concentrate solely on dispensing tasks. It’s a game-changer that enhances productivity and enables us to deliver top-notch care without compromise.”

Pritpal Grewal, Cornwell’s Chemist


“Since upgrading from the first-generation single-head robot installed in 2008 to the advanced two-headed BD Rowa™ Vmax system with BD Rowa™ EasyLoad in 2022, our pharmacy’s efficiency has soared. With an average monthly volume of 12,000 to 14,000 items, BD Rowa™ EasyLoad’s ability to handle 1,800 packs over 4 hours during peak dispensing times is crucial to our operations.
Located on the Orkney Islands, our pharmacy faces irregular order patterns, necessitating the swift handling of large stock volumes during peak times. The addition of a second head was essential for managing this demand effectively. With two heads and the BD Rowa™ EasyLoad system in place, our pharmacy operates with exceptional smoothness and efficiency, ensuring that we can reliably meet the demands of our community. We highly recommend BD Rowa to any pharmacy looking to optimise their operations.”

Torquil Clyde, Kirkwall Pharmacy


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