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With pharmacies implementing more technology into their businesses, most of which is cloud based, the reliance on a stable and secure connection has never been more important.

KFP have a host of solutions provided from Cradlepoint (owned by Ericsson) installed in 1000’s of UK locations offering connectivity resilience.

A loss of connection even for just a few minutes can have a large impact on both the pharmacy and its patients. Unforeseen challenges such as storms, construction accidents and networking configuration errors can cause WAN downtime, which is costly and debilitating for organizations that need their technologies, devices and applications connected to the data centre and the cloud at all times. Network failover solutions such as LTE and 5G adapters provide diverse secondary networks. It’s the best way to maintain access to the data and tools that drive efficiency on a daily basis.

Our core service being offered to a pharmacy location is the Cradlepoint solution which we believe will provide the connection stability that all pharmacies require.

If your pharmacy is still using an N3 connection there can be significant savings by replacing this with a standard connection along with a Cradlepoint device.

KFP also offer various other technology based services to bricks and mortar locations.

Whether it be hardware for a new pharmacy, a hardware refresh, break fix services, network cabling or pre-emptive maintenance, we have a UK base of over 30 engineers spread across the country as well as two UK offices offering 24/7 support services.

We can also look on a case-by-case basis if there are any other services offered by KFP that could be of benefit including break fix.

As a company we can help our customers with all aspects of technology in their locations and can work with their suppliers if they would like KFP to assist in increasing levels of support.



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Network failover solutions – Cradlepoint

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Cost to members:

We have a standard price for the installation of a Cradlepoint router into a Pharmacy, however it is possible that we will have to review each location separately as the cost depends on size of pharmacy, location, access during working hours etc.


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