Back in 2016, a driven and highly qualified team of NHS GPs and consultants came together to form the London Medical Laboratory. The aim was to make blood testing available to every person in the UK, conveniently through the pharmacy network.

London Medical Laboratory provides comprehensive blood profiles, which can check a range of biomarkers. Each of our profiles test a different combination of functions, so whether you’re interested in a general check or something more specific – there will be a suitable test for the patient. Our dedicated, state-of-the-art laboratory in London offers the latest in pathology testing solutions across many disciplines including biochemistry, immunology, haematology, sexual health screening and molecular biology.

London Medical Laboratory provides phlebotomy training to get you set up and competent at taking the blood samples; and has its own courier service to provide your patients next day test results. We also offer a comprehensive suite of marketing materials to help you promote the sales of blood tests in your pharmacy.

We provide a product for the worried well and offering a proactive healthcare solution to all. We will supply all marketing assets and education needed to deliver this service to a high standard. We also offer free phlebotomy training to pharmacies when they sign up to the service.

The average number of blood tests per month for a pharmacy is currently 25, however this gone up month on month since April 2022 and we are helping pharmacies to achieve over 30 blood tests per month within 4 months of using our service.

On average pharmacies can see and additional revenue of £3,000 per month (with a spend of £59 per test kit) but we do have clients who are established with our service now seeing revenue in excess of £15,000 per month.



  • Phlebotomy training
  • Marketing assets
  • Assigned BDM and CSM managers
  • Hub with best practises


Cost to members:

Prices vary depending on the product however, LMLs best selling product is the Wellwoman test that is £89 at wholesale, £149 RRP + £30 phlebotomy fee. This means a total of £90 per unit.

  • For phlebotomy, there is no up front payment
  • For the capillary boxes you will be invoiced dependant on what is ordered at the month end of the order being placed


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