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Digitise your pharmacy with a powerful modern website.

Pharmacy Mentor is the ultimate digital marketing and development agency for pharmacy. We specialise in helping pharmacies grow in the digital age.

Our vision is to improve access to healthcare through pharmacies, and a key component of this is enhancing the digital ecosystem of a pharmacy. As a pharmacist-led agency, we believe pharmacies are the key to improving the primary NHS landscape. Just like a doctor does with their patients, we prescribe digital treatments for a pharmacy that will help them achieve their growth objectives, whether it be attracting new EPS signups, driving clinical bookings and increasing monthly revenue.



We’re the most progressive and proactive digital agency for pharmacy in the UK, and we pride ourselves on great customer service. It’s our duty to help you grow. With our marketing services, pharmacies can experience growth in their monthly revenue, depending on how much they budget.

If you purchase a website from us, not only is this a tool designed to generate trackable revenue, it’s your asset, which will increase the value of your business. On a monthly basis our clients ROI ranges from 2.5X to 20X of their monthly investment.

A recent example of this is how a pharmacy offering an Ear Wax Removal Services invested £477 per month with Pharmacy Mentor and experienced an increase in revenue of £8,571, which is a 17.9X ROI.

On top of this, as we’re actively capturing emails and data through the site, as per GDPR guidelines, this again increases the value of the business.



As well as providing free education in the form of blogs, webinars, online courses and consultancy, we help pharmacies primarily through delivering (but not limited to):

  • Branding
  • Web Design and Development (all types)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media
  • Paid Digital Advertising
  • Paid consultancy and digital training services


All paying clients get:

  • Weekly educational emails based on trending topics, both from our content editor and CEO
  • Insights into the future and marketing best practices
  • Insights into what’s hot right now
  • Dedicated WhatsApp support channel and Account Executive
  • Email and video call support
  • Monthly/quarterly/bi-Annual reviews of their digital strategy with our Growth Specialists

Members will also be getting their own personalised growth portal very soon!


We aim to offer exclusive webinars for NPA members and tools to help them grow their pharmacy businesses. Our educational pieces are well-known in the industry and a list of webinars are accessible for members to use.

NPA members can also enjoy a FREE pharmacy growth consultation where we diagnose the digital condition of the pharmacy online and offer them a series of areas they need to work on to help their pharmacies grow.

The experience we have from working specifically with Pharmacies, as well as our wealth of renowned partners across the industry means pharmacies not only have access to our expertise, but the best practice and advice from across the industry.

We are constantly innovating, which allows us to become an indispensable growth tool for pharmacies. And we’re always releasing new tools to help pharmacies grow.

Online Initiative of the Year Winners 2022


Support and resources: 


Cost to members: 

Discount of 10% on all of our services.

Terms and Conditions apply. This is for new customers and new products for existing customers only. The 10% discount cannot be used in conjunction with other member discounts elsewhere.


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We are always building case studies for pharmacies to understand the power of our services and digital. View our case studies or testimonials.