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Pharmsmart provide “smart” software solutions to create efficiencies in community pharmacy, aiming to save you time and money and improve patient safety and compliance with regulations.

There is NO TIE IN PERIOD on any of Pharmsmart’s products, only rolling monthly contracts.


Pharmsmart product overview:

  • CDsmart – The fastest CD register on the market
  • Reportsmart – Meet PQS and GDPR patient safety requirements (near misses, automated reporting/analysis etc)
  • SOPsmart – Manage, share and track SOPs across your business
  • Transfersmart – Transfer CDs and other drugs between branches to save money and reduce waste
  • Many other FREE products including RP and Fridge Logs, NMS tracker, Cleaning and Date Checking log and scheduling, Marketplace and more



CDsmart is the fastest CD register on the market allowing you to make drug entries in 3 seconds, as well as prevent discrepancies and detect and prevent waste due to redundant stock.


CDsmart gives you:

  • Super-fast controlled drug entries – 3 seconds per entry
  • Fast and flexible bulk balance checks
  • No tie-in period
  • Huge time and cost savings
  • CDsmart detects and prevents waste due to redundant stock. 56 Oxycodone 80mg costs over £100!
  • Prevent discrepancies throughout
  • Alert features e.g. wrong patient or register selected
  • Head office feature to monitor and investigate registers remotely and suggest inter-branch transfers to save money and avoid waste



Reportsmart makes it easy to meet your patient safety requirements for GPHC and PQS. It includes:

  • Automated Monthly/Annual Reports and analysis. Error trends shown by staff member, error type, drug, etc.
  • Record Near Misses (can be done from PC or any mobile phone in <1 minute)
  • Record Dispensing Incidents
  • Receive and action National Safety Alerts
  • Case Manager for Head Office to manage Dispensing Incidents
  • Automatic root cause analysis of all Near Misses
  • Fully integrated with LFPSE for Patient Safety Incident recording





 Log into CDsmart (PHARMACY then as USER) Creating a PERSONAL USER account from website
Setting Opening times Personalise CDsmart to work the way you want
Creating USER accounts for Locums, new staff or Inspectors Adding your FIRST register
Add or Create a single register Adding more than one register
Finding or selecting a register Making a Supplied and Received Entry (after Qty press “Enter” twice)
Adding bulk Patients, Doctors or Suppliers in advance or edit details Log into Personal USER area, Locum, manager, dispenser etc
Expired out of date CD’s (NOT PATIENT RETURNS) Bulk Balance Check
Finding help and reporting problems CD Destruction register for Patient Returns


Cost to members

  • 1st product – £18 per month (£2 discount)
  • 2nd product – £15 per month (£5 discount)
  • 3rd product – £10 per month (£10 discount)


Please note that there is one-month free trial for all products and no payment details are taken until AFTER the trial.

No tie in period, rolling monthly deal that can be cancelled anytime.


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