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Digital Health Checks in pharmacy inside 10 minutes.

Communities are more than ever turning to pharmacies to provide services and cardiovascular health is top of the agenda. With PocDoc, NPA members can offer a full health check within 8 minutes, including blood test results, all via app. Our innovative, preventive health screening services will attract a wider customer base, leading to increased sales volumes and repeat business.

PocDoc’s platform will enable pharmacies to provide an additional, value-added service, creating a new revenue stream and helping differentiate member pharmacies in a competitive market. Our digital platform streamlines operational processes, leading to significant time and cost savings compared to traditional health screening methods. As a result, pharmacies can cater to more customers without needing to expand their workforce.

We already work with many members of the NPA and can guarantee you will receive the best possible service and support from PocDoc in helping you provide valuable services to your communities.



  • Enhanced Health Screening Services – By integrating our award-winning digital health platform into your existing services, pharmacies can offer customers convenient, in-store health screening for major diseases or conditions. This feature adds value to your service offerings and strengthens customer trust. NHS Health Check, within 8 minutes, including QRISK and 5 marker cholesterol test, all via smartphone or tablet and the PocDoc app. You can enter blood pressure during the process and all results are collated automatically into a certificate that is emailed to the patient in real time
  • Digital Transformation – We provide the tools to digitise health screening results, enabling pharmacies to offer customers rapid, comprehensive health assessments. This eases the transition into digital healthcare and improves the customer experience
  • Innovative Care Pathways – Based on health screening results, PocDoc can guide your customers toward appropriate follow-up care pathways. This proactive approach to healthcare can help catch diseases early and lead to better health outcomes
  • Community Engagement –  By partnering with PocDoc, pharmacies can emphasise their commitment to preventive healthcare and wellness, fostering stronger relationships with their online and local communities
  • Active Community and Public Information – Through our continuous medical articles, posts and content, we intend to provide the public with evidence-based informative preventative-health based information


What support is provided?

  • Training and technical support – We provide full training and onboarding, in many cases in person, with follow up videos and content to ensure you and your teams are fully trained. Ongoing, we are available for all technical and clinical support
  • Articles and Content relating to Cholesterol and Cardiovascular disease – Medically Reviewed and easy to understand content to enable you to provide the best possible service is provided for all members of the NPA to understand. This will help understand the tests and pathways used by Poc Doc to aid in healthcare for NPA members
  • Community Engagement – Our marketing team will provide you with promotional materials highlighting your collaboration with PocDoc, emphasizing your commitment to preventive healthcare.
  • Active Community and Public Information – We will regularly update our health articles and content and provide you with access to share these resources with your customers. This will keep your team and customers up to date with the latest preventive health information.


Cost to members:

Every member will have different views on how they might like to use PocDoc and so every partnership will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


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“We’ve been using PocDoc’s tests and app as part of our frontline cardiovascular health check service across the North East, especially in areas of health inequality with extremely positive results. We have developed an extremely strong relationship with the PocDoc team who have helped us deliver an excellent service to our customers.” – Kieran Moore, Clinic Coordinator, Knights Pharmacy Group
“We’ve been using PocDoc’s tests and app to deliver valued health screening in our local communities across Lincolnshire and the surrounding area. This has seen great feedback from both colleagues and patients. The PocDoc team are dedicated to supporting us in delivering the best possible service and adapting to the needs of pharmacies.” – Josh Pinder, Pharmacy Area Manager, Lincolnshire Coop Pharmacy