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Make perfect planning easy and administrative tasks a breeze – allowing you to focus on customers, sales and retail operations.

SameSystem is a Workforce Management Solution dedicated to retail enabling you to plan, adapt and optimise your workforce efficiently.

The SameSystem solution delivers perfect synergies between its planning and budgeting tools. With accurate estimates for every hour of the day, pharmacies can increase sales, while lowering salary costs.


  • Increase sales and reduce operating costs
  • Spend less time on administration
  • Improve employee retention
  • Reporting and management overveiw


Created by retailers, their solution is dedicated to maximising the results in all businesses where you want to provide excellent service to customers coming through the doors, while at the same time minimising your costs and increasing your employee satisfaction.

The schedule allows for shift swapping, holiday requests, and time registration straight from the app as well as automated payroll, contracts with e-signature, advanced analytic tools, and more.

Our client satisfaction rate currently sits at 99.3% and our average response time is less than 20 seconds from a team with real life experience.

We can also run specific live demonstrations and other materials are available on request.


SaaS is a subscription model used to receive and access software rather than being bought and installed to specific devices. As a member of the NPA you will receive the benefits of our services for a reduce fee and unlimited support at no extra cost.

With more than 20 years of retail management experience, two retailers’ original vision of an effective way to run and optimise stores created SameSystem, in 2008.

The vision has gained speed ever since, where SameSystem in cooperation with partners and customers has developed from a scheduling system to a complete data-driven workforce solution for retailers.

All our clients receive unlimited customer support at no extra cost.


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