CE Harrod Pharmacy – London

Role Information

Contact Name
Neelam Patel


207 New King's Road 

Placement Type
Dispensing Assistant

Job Title
Dispensary Assistant

Job Description

• To dispense & self-check medication for patients, ready to receive a final accuracy check, including dossette box preparation and management.
• To be uptodate with completing ‘owed prescriptions’ after daily deliveries.
• To carry out the receipt, processing, storage and stock control of medicines and other supplies and invoicing support as per SOPs.
• To complete date check matrix on a weekly basis to prevent any expired stock sitting on shelves.
• To issue dispensed medication to patients, carers or staff.
Computer/System management
• To use pharmacy and other computer systems in the course of performing these duties.
• Process orders from the CE Harrod website and completing web orders as soon as ready for collection.
• To process ETP registrations ensuring that they have been dealt with within a week of nomination.
Dispensary Administration
• To be responsible for efficient and safe organisation and workflow in the dispensary
• To complete daily/weekly ETP – 2 Rx claims, file prescriptions in preparation for completion of end of month processing of prescriptions to the PPA.
• To ensure all surgery prescription orders are followed up by referencing surgery books to ensure all prescriptions are ready for collection by patients.
Customer Service & teamwork
• To respond to enquiries and requests from staff, patients and carers, in accordance with individual competence and departmental policy
• To cover for the Pharmacy Assistant in their absence.
• To ensure patient & carer information is readily available
• To train dispensary staff on rotation and locums or other agency staff in the routine duties of the dispensary.

Employee Benefits
Competitive Salary
Company Pension
Staff discount
4 weeks holiday

Positions Available

End Date

Role Details

Dispensary Assistant vacancy available. Application closing date: 31/01/2017

Send your CV and/or cover letter to: neelam@ceharrodpharmacy.co.uk