Cox & Robinson (Chemists) Ltd – Prereg placement

Role Information

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Carolynne Freeman

East of England

1 Market Square
Stony Stratford
Milton Keynes
MK11 1BE 

Job Description

2. Job Purpose

To gain relevant experience of the roles and responsibilities of the pharmacist, to attain the required standard set by GPhC in order to become a registered pharmacist, and to carry out dispensing duties under the supervision of a qualified pharmacist.

3. Qualifications

MPharm or equivalent degree.
Pre-registration registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council

4. Main Tasks

• To gain the knowledge and experience required to become a registered pharmacist.
• To provide a courteous, confidential and professional service to all pharmacy customers.
• To ensure all prescriptions are dispensed accurately and in a timely manner.
• To facilitate the efficient running of the dispensary.
• To carry out dispensary administrative tasks, where applicable.
• To become familiar with OTC medicines.
• To gain experience of managerial roles.

5. Specific Duties

• Check that receipt of prescriptions at the medicines counter has been correctly performed and verify stock availability on acceptance of prescription.
• Ensure the prescription is labelled, assembled and forwarded for checking, accurately and without undue delay.
• Identify and resolve any anomalies or problems with prescriptions, referring to the pharmacist or prescriber where necessary.
• Identify correctly the customer / patient to receive the medication dispensed and counsel them on the use of their prescribed items, where appropriate.
• Ensure all relevant documentation is completed, including register entries and accurate endorsement of the prescription.
• Dispense items into compliance aids or monitored dosage systems, when appropriate.
• Perform general dispensary tasks such as placing orders, putting orders away, routine date-checking and cleaning, replenishing dispensary sundries etc.

• Receive prescriptions from customers, ensuring the reverse of the form is completed correctly and the prescription levy collected where applicable.
• Respond appropriately to customer needs, politely and efficiently, by asking appropriate questions, recommending OTC treatments when required, recording advice on customers’ patient medication records (PMR) when applicable and taking appropriate action if a product is not available.
• Refer customers onto other healthcare professionals, including the pharmacist, as necessary.

• Advise on healthy lifestyles, giving accurate up-to-date information,
• Perform diagnostic tests or health check assessments (if trained so to do), including the recalibration and maintenance of the equipment used.
• Become familiar with the OTC sale of medicines for administration to animals.
• Make sales in accordance with the relevant company procedures regarding the use of the till, checking bank notes and processing card transactions.
• Gain some experience of all aspects of retail sale including stock rotation, stock control and merchandising.

• Attend all training sessions arranged by the pre-registration training co-ordinator.
• Attend company-organised training events where possible.
• Undergo additional training, where required, to become involved in PCT schemes such as smoking cessation or emergency hormonal contraception. In some cases participation in the scheme will not be possible until registration as a pharmacist has been fulfilled.

• Gain experience of the pharmacists’ role in branch management.
• Perform supervisory duties as delegated by your tutor/manager.

• Gain experience of completing company internal documentation such as the branch report, error reports, mileage and expense claims.
• Where authorised, complete all end of month paperwork in a timely manner. This may include preparing prescriptions for submission to the PPA, the branch report and PCT claim forms.

6. General
The Company expects all employees to work to the best of their ability, showing enthusiasm, assisting fellow employees and endeavouring to maintain a high standard of work ethics and commitment.

All employees should have a good working knowledge of the Company’s Standard Operating Procedures and policies (including Code of Conduct, Data Protection and Confidentiality, Health and Safety regulations), working practices and the legal and ethical requirements affecting pharmacy relevant to their role. These should be followed at all times.

All employees are expected to show interest in furthering knowledge and be willing to attend training courses as requested by management or the training officer.

All employees are expected to make every effort to maintain good teamwork, discussing difficulties and working relationships promptly with your Tutor, Branch Supervisors or Superintendent Pharmacist.

7. Review
This job description sets out the current duties of the Pre-registration Pharmacist that may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the position or the level of responsibility entailed.

Employee Benefits

Funded Pre-registration Trainee training through Buttercups Training.

Positions Available


End Date

Role Details

2016-2017 Preregistration intake required at Cox & Robinson (Chemists) Ltd in Milton Keynes

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