Henley Pharmacy – Prereg placement

Role Information

Contact Name
Pok Chow

South West

25 Bell Street
Henley on Thames
RG9 2BA 

Job Description

To support compliance with all statutory and professional requirements of a registered retail pharmacy business;
To develop good management practice through compliance with company systems and procedures, effective use of resources, and following Pharmacy Manager/Pre-registration Programme Manager instruction and guidance;
Responds to symptoms and recommends appropriate OTC medication;
Counsel and advise patients appropriately under supervision;
prepares or directs the preparation of prescribed medicaments in liquid, powder, tablet, ointment or other form following prescriptions issued by medical doctors and other health professionals;
advises health professionals on the selection and appropriate use of medicines;
highlights a drug’s potential side effects, identifies harmful interactions with other drugs and assesses the suitability of treatments for patients with particular health conditions;
checks that recommended doses are not being exceeded and that instructions are understood by patients;
maintains prescription files and records issue of narcotics, poisons and other habit-forming drugs;
liaises with other professionals regarding the development, manufacturing and testing of drugs;
tests and analyses drugs to determine their identity, purity and strength;
ensures that drugs and medicaments are in good supply and are stored properly

Positions Available


End Date

Role Details

x2 2016-2017 Preregistration intake required at Henley Pharmacy.

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