K M Jones Pharmacy – Morriston

Role Information


The Pre-Registration Trainee Pharmacist will be performing all of the duties of a Pharmacist under the supervision of an experienced Pharmacist such as:
Processing and dispensing of prescriptions;
Advising customers on minor ailments and selling OTC medicines, performing clinical audits, getting medicines from various suppliers on time to fulfil all the prescriptions,
Assisting with the stop smoking service as well as emergency hormonal contraception;
Dealing with customer queries, ensuring that recommended doses are adhered to and that patients understand instructions;
Assisting health professionals on the selection, administration and use of medicines if required; especially where there is manufacturing supply problem with prescription only medicines;
Ensure that a proper record of prescription files and records of all distributed drugs are kept and maintained;

Placement Type
2017-2018 Pre-reg Intake

Job Description

The Pre-Registration Trainee Pharmacist will be performing all of the duties of a Pharmacist under the supervision of an experienced Pharmacist such as:

Processing and dispensing of prescriptions;
Advising customers on minor ailments and selling OTC medicines, performing clinical audits, getting medicines from various suppliers on time to fulfil all the prescriptions,
Assisting with the stop smoking service as well as emergency hormonal contraception;
Dealing with customer queries, ensuring that recommended doses are adhered to and that patients understand instructions;
Assisting health professionals on the selection, administration and use of medicines if required; especially where there is manufacturing supply problem with prescription only medicines;
Ensure that a proper record of prescription files and records of all distributed drugs are kept and maintained;
Providing operational information to management.

Employee Benefits

Salary competitive
5 day working week, no weekends
4 weeks paid annual leave plus Bank Holidays.

Positions Available

End Date

Role Details

Pre-registration pharmacist required.
Application end date: 01/01/2017.

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