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Graham Phillips

South East

2 High Street
St Albans

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2017-2018 Pre-reg Intake

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Pre-Reg Place

Job Description

What makes Manor pharmacy a special place for your Pre-Reg?

We are a Hertfordshire-based, multi-award winning independent pharmacy group recognised locally and nationally for “excellence”. We have won numerous awards, and the group is owned by Graham Phillips, a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society who has played a leadership role in the pharmacy profession for nearly 2 decades.

Unlike other so-called “chains” Manor pharmacy is conceived as a group practice of pharmacists – we work together as a professional group, supporting each other, learning together and identifying and sharing best practise, in exactly the same way as a high performing GP group practice would do.

We have strong academic links and have published practice research not only in the pharmaceutical journal and the other pharmacy press but also in peer reviewed high impact health research journals.

We want to give our students the opportunity to experience the richness and diversity which is encouraged throughout our group. It will give you perhaps your first chance to embrace the concept of identifying and sharing best practice. Students invariably feed back that their confidence grows tremendously during their year with us.

Your Pre-Reg year is the most crucial year for your professional career and we are determined to give you the best possible professional development, loads of opportunity… and lots of fun. But be under no illusion though we will work you very, very hard. We want you to be the best pharmacist you can possibly be.

We believe we can offer you an unique level of support and personalisation. In turn we are seeking the very best students – but will judge you not by the quality of the degree you get, important though that is, but by our assessment of your potential to be an exceptional – and maybe award-winning young professional.

Employee Benefits

It is no coincidence that one of our Pre-Reg students was runner up in one major award and was the winner of the Pharmacy Business “Pre-Reg trainee of the year award 2012” and another went on to win Pharmacy Business “Pre-Reg” of the year 2015.

Our Pre-Reg year is unique in that it lasts not twelve months but thirteen. This means that during your first month as a Pre-Reg you will over-lap with last year’s out going Pre-Reg who is by now a qualified pharmacist. It means you can experience for yourself your “target” which is but a year away. It means that once qualified you will still have a month working with your tutor with only the degree of supervision you feel you really need before “flying solo”. It also means that we have one spare pharmacist in every branch across the group for a month which releases our regular pharmacists to do things outside the pharmacy such as visiting the local GPs, talking to local patient groups and even visiting the odd School of Pharmacy!

All our tutors are experienced pharmacists who have undergone specific tutor-training. During the Pre-Reg year you will not just benefit from the experience of your tutor, you will also have peer support from your fellow trainees as well as the other tutors to call upon. We number within our pharmacists clinical specialists, business and marketing experts, professional leaders, CPPE tutors and academics. We guarantee you a very rich experience.

You will spend 9 months in your home branch and approximately 2 weeks in each of 2 other branches to improve the diversity of your experience. You will spend a month in a “job swap” at a local hospital with a hospital Pre-Reg trainee colleague. You will spend time at the National Pharmacy Association, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and with local health professionals such as sitting in with a local GP.

In almost every year since we have run our Pre-Reg we have had a paper published in the PJ by our Pre-Reg group: just think about it most pharmacists do not publish a paper in the PJ in their entire professional lifetime whereas you will most likely have a paper published before you even qualify. If you look below you’ll see some examples – including our PJ publication on an OTC Formulary. This was written by one of our pre Reg cohorts, and is reviewed and challenged each year by each new incoming Pre Reg group.

Each Pre-Reg will be tasked with running at least one clinical audit across the entire group amongst our many other activities. In addition you will have approximately 8 study days with an external provider who bring in known specialists to discuss anything from complexities of the Drug Tariff to “calculations” in preparation for the Pre-Reg exam.

By the end of your year we will expect you to be qualified to provide all the local enhanced commissioned services such as Smoking Cessation and Sexual Health as well as Medicines Use Reviews and the New Medicines service. It is a pretty packed year to say the least, which is why we build in an additional (13th) month to provide extra time and flexibility so you still have time to study for the dreaded your Pre-reg exam.

For further information please contact Graham Phillips ( and/or visit our website

Application is via email to Graham Phillips – please provide a covering letter as well as your CV. We only have a few places to please apply as soon as possible.

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Pre-registration Pharmacist required. Application closing date 31/10/2017.

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