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Archived on 30 June 2018 – this content has expired.

Role Information

Contact Name
Tracy Huggett

South East

27 High Street
East Sussex

Placement Type

Job Title
Pharmacist Manager

Job Description

We are a family run small group of community pharmacy businesses committed to delivering quality care and engaging the local community through helping people on their path to better health –from advising on prescriptions to helping manage chronic and specialty conditions. The Pharmacy Manager will possess a vibrant, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to conquer the challenges of the changing healthcare landscape while maintaining our values. As the Pharmacy Manager, you have one of the most significant roles in our company, for the maintenance and adherence to standards of practice that manage risk and promote patient safety within the pharmacy as well as to managing the ensuring the delivery of quality care while being accountable for the management, oversight and operations of all aspects within your pharmacy.

This includes:
Overall responsibility to analyse, learn and manage risk in relation to:
• Patient Safety
• Pharmacy Professional Practice
• Regulatory Requirements
• Quality Assurance
• Customer Service

As well as manage:

• Personnel Management
• Inventory Management
• Financial Profitability
• Loss Prevention
• Workflow Management

We recognise that responding to local needs is where you and your team can make a difference. Our pharmacies enjoy strong relationships with local health care services and community professionals and local clientele. A key component of the Pharmacy Manager role is keeping and growing these relationships. The core strengths required are:

• Motivate, inspire and develop your Pharmacy Support Staff by balancing assignments that maximise colleagues’ strengths, address development opportunities and decrease knowledge gaps
• Team work displaying empathy and compassion for your patients, customers, caregivers and colleagues on your team
• Identify critical business opportunities and meaningful solutions to drive growth and improve performance in your pharmacy
• Successfully implement those solutions by leading your team to achieve specified goals
• Adapt to change and adjust plans to thrive in a dynamic community healthcare setting
• Seek new ways to grow, collaborate with others and deliver better outcomes
• Align others around purpose to gain support and commitment. Facilitate a ‘team’ culture that promotes caring, energy, enthusiasm and pride
• Apply acquired knowledge to help drive healthy outcomes and differentiate us from competitors

Employee Benefits

• Competitive Salary and Incentives
• Staff discount
• GPHC fee’s paid
• Company Sick Pay
• Annual leave 6.6 weeks inclusive of Bank Holidays

Positions Available


End Date

Role Details

Pharmacist required. Application closing date 30/06/2018.

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