Peel Green Pharmacy – Eccles

Archived on 31 July 2020 – this content has expired.

Role Information

Contact Name
Nasim Patel

UK, North West

625 Liverpool Road,

Placement Type
2020 - 2021 Pre-reg intake

Job Title
Pre-Registration Pharmacist 2020/21

Job Description

A Community pre-registration pharmacist in a busy urban pharmacy in Eccles, Manchester. We are little hub for the locals to provide pharmaceutical care. We have 5 local GP medical centres that we work very close with to provide healthcare to our patients and clients. As a trainee pharmacist you shall be required to work in every department from the Counter to Dispensing to Counselling and providing Advanced Services.

Employee Benefits

Salary plus two pharmacists to work with as well as 4 staff. We shall provide in-house training and shall enrol you on the NPA training or the like to enhance your knowledge, experience and learning to being a fully qualified pharmacist. All 5 of our previous trainees have passed Registration exam first time round. We shall send you to a placement to a GP practice to work with the GP and the Pratice pharmacist. If you require a Hospital placement we shall organise this also. All round experience of pharmacy is guaranteed at Peel Green Pharmacy.

Positions Available


End Date

Role Details

2020/21 Pre-registration Pharmacist required. Application closing date 31/07/2020.

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