Priory Pharmacy – High Wycombe

Role Information

Contact Name
Mr S Jogiat

East of England

Liverpool Victoria House
2 Priory Road
High Wycombe
Bucks, HP13 6SE

Placement Type
2018-2019 Pre-reg intake

Job Title
Pre-registration Pharmacist

Job Description

Retail pharmacy business. Mainly NHS dispensary work, counter trade. All round advanced and enhanced services such as smoking cessation, EHC, Chlamydia, blood pressure monitoring, supervised methadone consumption, flu vaccination service etc. Several PGD services provided.

Pre-Reg will be trained for providing smoking cessation service and trained to provide a professional ear piercing service.

Very friendly environment to work. Excellent track record of pre-reg student passes and excellent experience for future pharmacy work. Two weeks exchange to local hospital work contingent on availability. Unique Independent pharmacy business experience will be gained.

Working hours:  Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm with an hour lunch break. Flexible options possible.

All weekends free.

Employee Benefits

Internal and external training provided, independent business training or other identified training needs. 20% staff discount. Benefit from pharmacy tutor and mentor pharmacist on site. Experienced technician as a colleague.

Two pharmacists on site most of the time, including responsible pharmacist as a mentor.

Newly refitted dispensary and full shop refit including consulting room.

Excellent all-round experience in all aspects of pharmacy work.

We cannot accept Tier 5 international students.

Positions Available

£20,000 (inc of training costs)

End Date

Role Details

Pre-Reg intake required. £20,000 (inc of training costs). Internal and external training offered.

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