Queens Pharmacy – Battersea (London)

Role Information

Contact Name
Mrs B U Amin


12 Queenstown Road

Job Title
Pre-Reg Pharmacist Trainee

Job Description

Main purpose of the role:
The pharmacist trainee will carry out day to day activities connected with the preparation and supply of medicines under the guidelines of the Registered Pharmacist and will provide advice under the supervision of the Registered Pharmacist to patients on the use of medicines as well as on general health and lifestyle matters. The job holder will be responsible for the supervision and training of other pharmacy counter staff and will undertake activities that support the strategic objectives to maximise the profit and potential of the business.

Primary responsibilities:
 To abide by the GPHC code of ethics, observing and applying all professional, ethical and legal obligations;
 To implement and adopt standard operating procedures, to ensure procedures are in place for the avoidance of risk;
 Under the supervision of the Responsible Pharmacist to dispense prescription medicines to patients, checking dosage and ensuring that medicines are correctly and safely labeled and supplied;
 Under supervision to carry out the safe preparation of any medicines;
 To ensure that all dispensing errors and near misses are logged in accordance with the company’s procedures and to liase with the pharmacist on any activity necessary to rectify or prevent errors;
 Under the supervision of the Responsible Pharmacist To keep and maintain a register of controlled drugs for legal purposes;
 To liaise with doctors about prescriptions to ensure accuracy and prevent risk;
 Under the supervision of the Responsible Pharmacist To counsel and advise patients on the treatment of minor ailments and any adverse side-effects of medicines or potential interactions with other medicines/treatments to ensure safe use;
 To prepare monitored dosage and cassette box systems for the benefit patients;
 Under the supervision of the Responsible Pharmacist To provide specialist health check services, such as measuring and fitting compression hosiery, monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol levels, diabetes screening and pregnancy testing for the delivery of enhanced services to patients;
 To oversee the ordering and storage of medical products to ensure safety and reduce waste;
 To arrange the delivery of prescription medicines to patients who are unable to attend the pharmacy;
 To keep up-to-date with current pharmacy practice, new drugs and their uses for the purpose of continuing professional development;
 To maintain computerised records in accordance with data protection principles to ensure patient confidentiality;
 To ensure that all present and future NHS contractual obligations in respect of essential service are adhered to;
 To ensure that all present and future NHS contractual obligations with regard to essential services are adhered to, including waste management, self-care, signposting, public health and repeat dispensing.

Business responsibilities:
 To train pharmacy support staff to attain optimum performance;
 To schedule labour effectively and communicate, direct and delegate to ensure that all employees operate as an effective team;
 To promote and sell appropriate products, such as toiletries, cosmetics and photographic items to increase profitability;
 To develop enhanced and extended services to grow the professional offerings of the business;

Positions Available


End Date

Role Details

Pre-registration Pharmacist required.
Application closing date: 31/07/2016.

Send your CV and/or cover letter to: bua@cashco.uk.com