Shantys Pharmacy – Tower Hamlets

Archived on 31 May 2018 – this content has expired.

Role Information

Contact Name
Purav Patel


253 Whitechapel Rd 
E1 1DB

Placement Type
2017-2018 Pre-reg Intake

Job Title
Pre-Registration Pharmacist

Job Description

We are a busy, recently refurbished high street Pharmacy Practice. We are seeking a highly capable Pharmacy Graduate, who is interested in not only developing to a standard which will allow them to register and practice as a Pharmacist, but in developing the clinical, interpersonal and business skills which will be required of the Pharmacists of tomorrow.

We are a progressive, forward thinking Practice, not just a retail premises and a dispensary. We offer all advanced services, as well as a number of enhanced and private clinical services. Pharmacies in our locality have been amongst the most successful practices in the country in relation to enhanced and advanced service provision, and we are certainly no exception. The graduate will be expected to develop and learn in a friendly but professional environment. They will experience all aspects of community pharmacy with the aim of producing a confident, capable practitioner who will be ready to work in any pharmacy from the first day of registration. Bengali (in particular the Sylheti dialect), Hindi or Urdu language skills are by no means essential, but will bring maximum benefit to the applicant owing to the demographic of the area. Graduation with honors, good or exceptional GCSE and A level grades, along with a degree of confidence, a good work ethic, a pleasant nature, a good degree of patience and the ability to handle pressure are all attributes that will assist graduates in securing the role.

At present we are unable to offer sponsorship or make visa arrangements for overseas students, and we would therefore advise that anyone with these requirements should not apply.

Employee Benefits

One to one tutoring sessions on a regular basis. Tutor with 15 years’ experience and a wide range of clinical/business skills. Staffing structure which is conducive to pre registration training. Opportunity to locum part time post qualification, and extend qualifications to travel health and other areas. Broad range of experience, and exchange period with neighbouring pharmacy to ensure that all skills are taught

Positions Available


End Date

Role Details

Pre-registration Student required. Application closing date: 31/05/2018

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