Wheatfield pharmacy – Luton

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South East

60 Wheatfield road
Lu4 0tr 

Placement Type
2017-2018 Pre-reg Intake

Job Title
Pre-registration pharmacist

Job Description

At Wheatfield Pharmacy we are looking to recruit 2 Pre-registration pharmacists for Summer 2017/18, and also offer undergraduates summer placements.

The pharmacy is located in a busy community health centre.  Undergraduates and Pre-registration pharmacists, will have the benefit of working with the Superintendent Pharmacist, Pharmacy Manager, Regular pharmacist, Technicians, Qualified Dispensers and Qualified Healthcare Advisers.

Graduates and Pre-registration pharmacists will have opportunity to form strong relationships with the local GP practice, which includes GP, nurses and re-enablement team as well as surgery staff. These interactions will allow them to have clinical involvements that will benefit patient outcomes.

The pharmacy offers many local services which match the current PNA.  These include, MUR, NMS, Stop Smoking, NHS health check, Gluten Free Supply and Dossette Boxes.  There is also strong links with Livewell Luton, who run counselling sessions weekly at the pharmacy.

Positions Available

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Pre-registration vacancy available. Application closing date: 31/05/2017

Send your CV and/or cover letter to: Wheatfieldpharmacy@hotmail.co.uk