Who are we

Our purpose: To support all our members to succeed professionally and commercially for the benefit of their patients.

We enable this through investment in our people to provide high quality services and products together with effective leadership and representation.

How we operate:

The Board is proposing a delay of one year to the Board elections currently scheduled for 2022. This requires a motion to insert the following statement in the NPA Memorandum and Articles of Association: “52(c) The term of Board members elected on or after 31st March 2018 and before 31st March 2023 shall be extended and they will cease to hold office on 31st March 2023. Thereafter the electoral cycle will continue with the quadrennial cycle set out in Article 52.” The Covid-19 pandemic has created significant work to support members on the frontline. This additional year will provide additional time for the current Board to complete work streams and be in the best position to handover to the new Board.

Our members:

We are proud to represent independent pharmacies across the UK. Our members are a local lifeline and vital to the health of the nation. They provide a range of NHS services, ensure people can get face-to-face care without an appointment, and take pressure off GPs and hospitals.

Our health and lifestyle publication – Your Health Your Pharmacy – describes the work of pharmacies in more detail.  This magazine is distributed in pharmacies across the country and electronically too. It helps patients and customers to make the most of the support available to them at their local pharmacy. The magazine – like community pharmacy itself – is about people, not just pills!

Find out more and read Your Health Your Pharmacy here.