Healthy Living Pharmacy

Changes to implementation of HLP level 1 status from 2016

A Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) is one which consistently demonstrates a healthy living ethos and a proactive approach to health and health improvement. The pharmacy must also show that it meets set quality criteria and have appointed one or more qualified Health Champion(s). Pharmacies that meet these criteria are awarded the HLP quality mark.

Changes to implementation of HLP level 1 status from 2016
In November 2015, Public Health England (PHE) announced that the accreditation process for HLPs would change from being a commissioner-led system to a profession-led self-assessment process (with no services commissioned), for achieving level 1 HLP status. Local Authorities will continue to lead on implementation and accreditation of level 2 and 3 HLPs, with commissioned services.

The Pharmacy and Public Health Forum (‘Forum’) has approved a new process which has also been endorsed by PHE.

  • The new system will be based on quality criteria and underpinned by a quality assurance process
  • The quality criteria and self-assessment process have been developed by the Forum and the pharmacy team within PHE
  • The quality assurance (QA) process is currently under development

To achieve Level 1 status as an HLP, pharmacies will need to satisfy all the requirements of the quality criteria by adopting a proactive health promoting environment within the pharmacy. The quality criteria include:

  • Understanding local public health needs
  • Creating a health and wellbeing ethos
  • Team leadership
  • Communication
  • Community engagement
  • Having a health promotion environment

Timelines for level 1 HLP quality criteria and QA process

June 2016 ·         QA framework outline to be agreed

·         QA provider to be appointed

·         Quality criteria publications process through PHE Gateway to be completed

July 2016 ·         Public Health Minister, Department of Health and NHS England to be briefed

·         All Local Authorities to be informed of the change to the QA process for level 1 HLPs, QA provider to be introduced  and quality criteria to be published

·         Community pharmacies and HLP leads to be formally notified about the transfer arrangements

September 2016 ·         New QA process to start

Leadership training
This is one of the key criteria for becoming an HLP. It must be undertaken by the manager and/or pharmacist. Leadership training supports development of the pharmacy team to change from reactive to proactive provision of health services.

NPA leadership training
The NPA offer leadership training which covers the following:

  • Changes in pharmacy and the direction of travel
  • What you need to know about Healthy Living Pharmacies
  • The role of Healthy Living Champions
  • General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) standards and NHS requirements
  • Qualities seen in great leaders and how this relates to pharmacy
  • Understanding the employment laws
  • Change management
  • The ability to build strong relationships
  • How to build a great team – lead, motivate, delegate, develop self and others
  • Communication
  • How to give feedback
  • How to manage a conflict situation
  • Group work, examples and action plan

Participants are presented with a certificate at the end of the session which can be counted towards continuing professional development (CPD).

This leadership training is suitable for anyone with management or supervisory responsibilities in pharmacies, not only for HLP pharmacies.

Availability of the NPA leadership training
The NPA has been delivering its leadership training to pharmacy contractors in partnership with Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs). The NPA offers this leadership training at no cost to LPCs.

LPCs are invited to contact the NPA Pharmacy Services team by telephone on 01727 891800 or email to book the NPA leadership training.

Health Champions
Health Champions (HCs) are a primary requirement to become an HLP. Any member of the pharmacy team can become a HC for which they must have achieved a level 2 award in Understanding Health Improvement from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). HCs provide health information to patients and signposting information to relevant health services to enable them to live healthier lifestyles.

A “Healthy Living Champion Course” is available from the NPA. For those who successfully complete this, a follow-on module “Healthy Living Champion Applied Award” is available.


  • The Pharmacy and Public Health Forum (the ‘Forum’) provides leadership for the development, implementation and evaluation of public health practice for pharmacy. The NPA is represented on the Forum.
  • The Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) task group is derived from the Forum – it aims to accelerate the number of HLPs nationally. The NPA is represented on the task group as part of Pharmacy Voice.


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