HLP resources

A step-by-step guide through each of the Public Health England’s (PHEs) HLP Level 1 quality criteria, PHE suggested evidence and NPA guidance to demonstrate compliance. Also sets out the key points that pharmacy contractors need to know about meeting the HLP Level 1 criteria.

HLP level 1 (self-assessment) guidance

To achieve Level 1 status as a HLP, pharmacies will need to satisfy all the requirements of the HLP quality criteria by adopting a proactive health promoting environment within the pharmacy.

Leadership training

As one of the key criteria for becoming an HLP, a member of the pharmacy team must undertake leadership training to support development of the pharmacy team to change from reactive to proactive provision of health services.

Healthy Living Champion

A Healthy Living Champion (HLC) within the pharmacy is a primary requirement to become an HLP. Any member of the pharmacy team can become a HLC for which they must have achieved a Level 2 award in Understanding Health Improvement from the RSPH.

Ready to become an HLP?

Once you have evidence you meet the criteria, complete an online assessment of compliance form . Successful applications are awarded the HLP quality mark and can qualify for additional income through the Department of Health’s Quality Payments Scheme.

HLP Recorded Webinar

Healthy Living Pharmacy: Achieving Level 1 Status