NPA Coverage in the media

The NPA’s press office helps to safeguard the interests of the community pharmacy sector in the media and ensures the voice of NPA members’ is well represented. The press office writes regular columns for the pharmacy trade press and often organizes NPA spokespeople to be interviewed on national and regional media to talk about the issues which matter most to pharmacists and patients. We also advise NPA members about handling local media interest in their pharmacy – whether it’s bad news or good news.

Below is a list of some media coverage in which the NPA has appeared in.


NPA Coverage 2024:


9 Feb NPA Chair Nick Kaye interviewed on the Today programme about medicine shortages (58 minutes in)


3 Feb Sunday Mirror: Rishi Sunak’s Pharmacy First plan at Risk as record numbers of pharmacies close


1 Feb The Economist: The pharmacist will see you now (


31 Jan NPA board member Olivier Picard interviewed by ITV News


31 Jan NPA Chief Executive Paul Rees interviewed by Channel 5


31 Jan NPA Chief Executive Paul Rees interviewed by ITV News – What are the seven illnesses you can now get pharmacy prescriptions for? (one minute in)


31 Jan NPA Board member Sukhi Basra interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live (starts at 2hr 20)


31 Jan NPA Chair Nick Kaye on Talk TV


31 Jan NPA Member Ade Williams interviewed on BBC national and regional news


31 Jan NPA Board member Sanjay Ganvir interviewed on BBC Asian Network


31 Jan Sky News: No GP Appointment Needed List of illnesses pharmacies will now be able to diagnose and treat | UK News | Sky News


31 Jan The Sun: Major new NHS rules mean pharmacists can treat 7 common conditions WITHOUT prescription from today | The Sun


31 Jan The Mirror: Seven illnesses patients told not to see GP over and to go to pharmacist instead from today – Mirror Online


9 Jan NPA Chief Executive Paul Rees interviewed as part of a hard hitting ITV Tonight documentary on the crisis in pharmacies



NPA highlights 2023:


13 May The Mirror: Thousands of pharmacies on brink of closure – just as Tories say we need them more


9 May Sanjeev Panesar on Good Morning Britain (starts at 11 minutes)

Gareth Jones on GB News


8 May BBC: Scores of local pharmacies closing across England


12 April C5 News: Olivier Picard on the junior doctors’ strike


15 March Talk TV: Nick Kaye, cough medicine recall


21 February Daily Mail: ‘Ministers are fiddling while pharmacies burn’: LORD GRADE says at a time when the NHS desperately needs local lifelines, the government must ease the crippling load to save thousands of community chemists


29 January iNews: Secrets of a pharmacist – ‘I’ve had to pull bees and maggots out of people’s ears’


13 January ITV News: ‘We’re struggling’ – Most pharmacists say they are at risk of burnout, exclusive figures show


4 January BBC Breakfast: Sanjeev Panesar on pharmacy funding

Past Media Coverage