Prevention green paper says pharmacies will be supported to help improve the nation’s health & wellbeing

The Department of Health and Social Care has published its long awaited green paper on public health: Advancing our Health – Prevention in the 2020s.

NPA response to Scottish Affairs Committee Inquiry on Use and Misuse of Drugs in Scotland

The NPA response to the Scottish Affairs Committee inquiry into drug use and misuse in Scotland in April 2019 provided evidence that Scottish members as independent community pharmacy owners and their teams are integral to the support and treatment of drug users in Scotland.

Review of the funding model in Scotland for Community Pharmacist Supplementary and Independent Prescribing Clinics

In early October the NPA responded at very short notice to the Scottish Government Survey on the funding model for community pharmacy prescribing clinics

NPA response to Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee call for views on NHS Governance

The NPA responded to the Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee call for views on NHS Governance in response to NPA member discussions as to the transparency and accountability of NHS

Proposals to reintroduce prescription charges and abolish rate’s relief

The NPA has responded to the Department of Finance’s Briefing Paper on the Northern Ireland Budgetary Outlook and proposals to reintroduce prescription charges and abolish rates relief for small businesses

NPA response to Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee Inquiry into the Impact of leaving the European Union on health and social care in Scotland

The NPA identified a number of potential implications of Brexit to the Health and Sport Committee of Scottish Parliament in response to their inquiry in January 2018

NHSE consultation on items which should not be routinely prescribed in primary care

The Government and health service commissioners must proceed with caution, because of the potential for unintended consequences, especially in poorer communities

GPhC consultation on guidance to ensure a safe and effective pharmacy team

The NPA has highlighted concerns regarding training accreditation and the proposed guidance

Public Health England consultation to NHS Health Check Dementia risk reduction messaging

The NPA agreed with the proposal to include dementia risk reduction messaging in the NHS Health Check, and made the case that community pharmacies are the ideal healthcare setting for NHS Health Checks