No Smoking Day 2017

08 Mar 2017

National No Smoking Day 2017 is held annually on the second Wednesday in March to give a ‘quit date’ to those who are considering and wanting to give up smoking. Ensure that your patients are aware of the help and support they can access at their local pharmacy, not just today but all year round.

Every month over 4,000 people quit smoking with the help of the services provided by community pharmacy, however today is a great opportunity to increase this number.

People who smoke put themselves at greater risk of developing serious illnesses which can lead to disability or death. Among other health complications, smoking can cause cancer, heart and lung disease. Smoking can also reduce fertility.  Apart from the health implications, smoking also has cosmetic effects, such as wrinkles appearing at a younger age and discoloration of skin and teeth.

Quitting smoking has huge health benefits including dramatically reducing risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and a variety of cancers. It is also a good way to save money. Take the opportunity this No Smoking Day to encourage your patients to make today the day.

You can help spread awareness by sharing the Ask Your Pharmacist poster on your pharmacy’s social media platforms, or by displaying it in your pharmacy window.


Author:  Leyla Hannbeck