Chemist & Druggist: Pharmacy Show and Tell

03 Aug 2017

As any pharmacist knows, being at the frontline of the NHS is to be ever-vigilant, and the work we do is vital to the health of both the general public and the NHS. We are all fully aware that pharmacies are so much more than purveyors of pills!

For this reason, Chemist & Druggist and the NPA are launching Show and Tell, an initiative aimed at gathering evidence of the benefits of local pharmacy services.  We know that good things are happening every day in pharmacies across the UK – but these are often not recorded and rarely collected together into one place.

We want to tell the ‘pharmacy story’ to the world outside the sector, including NHS managers and politicians, and to do so we need a constant supply of up-to-date stories and data. This will mean that we can create more reports and provide more evidence to show how pharmacies support patients and how we can be a still more crucial part of the modern NHS.

So, we need your stories – to begin with we want to know about the use of technology in your pharmacy.

It is one of the NPA’s core beliefs that pharmacies must be progressive and modern, while at the same time being true to the historic values of pharmacy as a personal, caring profession.

We know that technology can enhance the role of the pharmacist in delivering exceptional healthcare locally. We know that there are many pharmacists out there doing exciting and innovative things to improve patient care through technology – so we’d like to hear from our members about these innovations. Please visit the C&D website to get in touch.


Author:  Ian Strachan, NPA Chairman