NPA Insurance – It’s A Great Place To Work

12 Dec 2023

NPAI has always been a unique place to work. Set up by pharmacists over 120 years ago to provide protection for their businesses and their livelihoods, its purpose remains clear today - to protect community pharmacy as its role within the provision of primary healthcare and commercial services grows and diversifies.

This purpose was tested to the hilt during the dark days of the pandemic, when pharmacies found themselves on the front line, providing critical healthcare services to their communities. And as the role of community pharmacy expands to encompass more and more vital primary health care services, this need for protection against emerging risk remains crucial.

It is this sense of making a real difference – not just to our members’ businesses and their livelihoods but also to the health and wellbeing of communities up and down the United Kingdom – that makes NPAI such a special place to work.

One particular member of our team – Glyn Walduck – who has been with us for thirty-five years, shares why it is such a great place to work.

Glyn Walduck: ‘Reflections on Righting Wrongs’

Joining NPAI was the best thing I ever did. I’d always been interested in things legal and at sixteen I joined a local solicitor’s office on £9 a week. I didn’t have the qualifications to be a solicitor, but was able to qualify as a Legal Executive by way of day release and evening classes. I then spent 12 years in the legal department at British Rail, where I was lucky enough to be exposed to a wide range of litigation work, from Employers Liability and Public Liability claims to Employment Tribunal and landlord and tenant work.

In May 1988 I made the decision to join the NPA – a move which ended up providing me with a rich and fulfilling career which I have loved for over 35 years. NPA Insurance (formerly the old Chemists Defence Association) was looking for someone to run the claims side of the business – basically looking after the indemnity work for its members.  NPA was, and still is, one of the most successful trade associations and the diversity and quality of the work which is available particularly on the legal and regulatory side is second to none. Back in the 1980’s, community pharmacy was under-utilised in the provision of primary healthcare. That’s very different today – the government has finally realised its full potential and is at last finding the funding to extend its role – these are very exciting times to be working for the trade association of choice for pharmacists and pharmacies – be they small business owners or the big pharmacy groups.

Making a real difference

What I love most about what we do is being able to offer support and comfort to such a crucial healthcare service – to do for them in their hour of need what they are doing for their communities every day. It is so fulfilling to know that the work you do is making a real difference.

When you work for NPAI you’re part of the bigger, holistic picture. My colleagues and I work closely with the other NPA departments – the other resources or ‘go to’ if you like for our members – giving us access to professional pharmacy services, communications and crisis management experts as well as our own in-house legal, underwriting and claims handing expertise. Over the years I’ve spent considerable time on the road with NPA colleagues, visiting members to hear first-hand about the key challenges they are facing. This helps to inform us of the emerging risks associated with new services being developed.

Having this level of understanding about the sector and its needs means that, when the chips are down, our members can turn to someone who really understands their business and has the skills and expertise to fully support them through the tough times. That’s what a claims experience should be all about. And what makes working here so fulfilling.

It’s all about the people

Looking back, the people I have worked with over the years have made all the difference. NPAI attracts staff who really care – about their work and one another. They have a genuine desire to do the best by members. And to do the best for the team – when I started out, the work could seem daunting as claims could be so diverse. But my colleagues were always there to support me and learn from. I hope that the team today feels just as supported and encouraged as I have throughout my career here. They should be really proud of what they do.”

So, with retirement only days away, what are Glyn’s parting thoughts on the organisation he has contributed so much to?

“I could not have wished for a more satisfying career. The quality-of-service NPAI delivers to its members is outstanding. The work has been so varied – there’s never been a dull moment – and I have been privileged to serve true pharmacy professionals who make a difference to the health and wellbeing of their communities every day.

While I know I will miss my colleagues, members and customers hugely, I can retire secure in the knowledge that the indemnity team is well established and in great shape. At the end of the day, our work is all about putting our members’ needs first, and the team here at NPAI does that better than anyone.”


Lisa Banks, our COO and Managing Director, Pharmacy Insurance, speaks for everyone here at NPAI in her parting words to Glyn:

“On behalf of us all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Glyn for the huge contribution he has made to the success of NPAI over the last four decades. His work ethic, dedication and support has been remarkable and he has made a huge and positive impression on everyone who has worked beside him – be that as a colleague or member. He is a remarkable brand ambassador and embodiment of NPAI’s values and philosophy. He actually recruited me nearly twenty years ago and has been an inspiration to me ever since. He will leave a very big hole in our team, but we are committed to continue operating according to his very high and compassionate standards. We wish him a very happy and well-deserved retirement. Keep in touch Glyn – we will miss you!”