How to be an LGBTQ+ Ally in the Pharmacy Workplace

28 Jun 2024

Pride Month is celebrated across the UK in June, however here at the NPA we believe Pride should be celebrated all year round. That’s why we want to highlight the importance of being a good LGBTQ+ ally.

For LGBTQ+ employees, especially transgender, non-binary and gender-expansive employees, it can be particularly sensitive to start conversations on pronouns.

In this article feature, we spoke to Community Pharmacy technicians Samuel and Sean on how they think allies in a Pharmacy setting should act and say to LGBTQ+ colleagues.

Educate your allies  

There is so much cultural content available today that teaches us about LGBTQ+ history and about LGBTQ+ existence today. If colleagues are unsure how to support their LGBTQ+ peers there are lots of different sources of information online we’ve added below including articles and they can also follow advocates on social media too. 

Be visible and vocal 

Small actions can go a long way such as writing your pronouns on your work email signature which I think could show the LGBTQ+ community that our importance of pronouns is recognised. Allies are important to us as they have some of the most powerful voices for LGBTQ+ people!  Another idea is to share your pronouns and, if you feel comfortable, regularly ask others to share theirs. 

Supportive Network 

You might find it more comfortable to speak to your manager or someone you trust at work. Having a strong supportive network can help you with any psychological stress you are going through – whether that’s out of work or with a patient – don’t hesitate to speak up. A combined effort and commitment from across the workplace are what’s needed to eradicate homophobia and transphobia.  

It’s okay to make mistakes  

It’s okay to make mistakes – looking at these mistakes should be viewed as opportunities for growth. Explaining to ally’s their mistakes, will help them remember your pronoun. 


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