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Employment Law Update | EU Reform Bill predictions and what’s coming in 2023 – WorkNest Webinar

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The majority (68%) of organisations don’t understand and aren’t aware of the potential implications of the proposed Retained EU Law Bill, according to our recent poll.

If you’ve never heard of it, the Bill could mark the biggest change to employment law in decades. In essence, it could see a large proportion of existing ‘retained’ EU law scrapped, or changed in some way, by December next year. Although we don’t expect all the controversial changes to employment rights and protections to make it through Parliament, it’s well worth having on your radar.

In this free 45-minute webinar, Solicitor and Employment Law Adviser Tina Hyland will take you through:

  • Bill overview: what is it and how might it affect employers?
  • Our predictions: how will the Bill impact TUPE, Working Time Regulations, Holiday Pay, Part-time Worker Regulations, Family Friendly Legislation and Agency Worker Regulations?
  • Employment law recap: what notable case law trends and employment law changes have we seen in 2022?
  • Looking ahead: what HR challenges can employers expect in 2023?
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