How to meet the patient safety report criteria for the November quality payments review point

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Free of charge, as part of your NPA membership

With the second review point for the quality payments scheme fast approaching on 24th November 2017, this webinar is intended specifically to support you in producing an annual patient safety report which meets all the required criteria.

As part of the quality payments scheme, the “production of a written report that demonstrates evidence of analysis, learning and action taken in response to near misses and patient safety incidents, including implementation of national patient safety alerts and having shared learning” is required – this criterion is worth 20 quality points. Meeting this criterion will be worth at least £1,280.

Join us for this free webinar which will help you to:

  • Understand what you need to do to fully meet all the requirements of the annual patient safety report
  • What to cover in the patient safety report
  • How to write the patient safety report
  • Worked example of an annual patient safety report
  • Understand the role of the NPA as the Medication Safety Officer (MSO), for all independent community pharmacies with fewer than 50 branches, in supporting you in meeting the patient safety report criteria