Living With COVID | The Implications for Staff, Safety and the Workplace – a Worknest Webinar

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Free to NPA members

As part of our continued commitment to helping organisations understand and adapt to COVID-related changes at every stage of the pandemic, WorkNest’s Director of Legal Services, James Tamm, and Director of Health & Safety, Nick Wilson, are hosting a free webinar to offer clarity, guidance and peace of mind.

During this informative 45-minute session, our experts will unpick the government’s living with COVID plan in layman’s terms, offer advice on the challenges this might create for employers, and answer some of the pertinent questions you may have now:

  • What are the best-practice infection prevention measures for the workplace now?
  • What should employers do around testing in the workplace?
  • What if there’s another variant?
  • What is employers’ duty of care to their employees now that restrictions have ended?
  • What’s the position regarding statutory sick pay for COVID-positive employees?
  • Can I still expect employees to self-isolate now that it’s no longer a legal requirement?
  • Do my employees still need to socially distance in the workplace?
  • How do I ease staff’s concerns and manage hesitancy around the return to work?
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