Mentor Study Day at the School of Medicines Optimisation – Hull

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Health Education England Hull Office

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The School of Medicines Optimisation are facilitating a Mentor Study Days in 2018 which is part of the Mentor Training Programme.

Please note that there are only 20 places.

Prior to the study day, all attendees will be required to complete in advance the nomination form and the mandatory pre-course work.

Mandatory pre-course work

Workbook – Understanding the learning process (please complete before study day and bring on day as this forms part of the days activities, allow up to 8 hours to complete this work) which includes:

  • Learning cycle and learning styles
  • Activities 1-4 + checking your learning


This will be sent in the post to either the attendees work or home address.


To bring on the day:

  • Nomination Form (fully completed and with all signatures/dates/sign offs)
  • Printed flyer/agenda for the day
  • The completed pre-course workbook


Please visit the website page and download and read/complete the following:

  • Educational Supervisors Checklist (to hand to your educational supervisor/or equivalent)
  • Mentor standards
  • Mentor roles and responsibilities
  • Nomination form
  • Programme overview


For more information on the programme content, please visit the website here

In particular:

The Handbook for Trainee Mentors – includes more information on assessments, candidate reviews which will be useful in planning ahead.

The Educational Supervisors Checklist- gives an overview to any manager or supervisor on how to support the trainee mentor