Protect Your Life’s Work & Know Your Numbers

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How important is it to Know Your Numbers? Join Asvin Chauhan of Pharmawealth, who’ll explain how we can Protect Your Lifes Work and Increase Your Returns by Knowing Your Numbers.

Your life as an Independent Pharmacist is challenging, very challenging!
By knowing their numbers, some of our Pharmacist clients retired 5 years ago, a number are now retiring, and others are planning to retire comfortably within the next 5 years…That’s the power of Knowing Your Numbers.
To protect your life’s work we need to creating the right framework of Will’s & Trust’s for your circumstances, and you’ll have certain knowledge that you have cut out the unnecessary taxes, leaving the maximum to your loved ones

1. Retirement Planning – Having the right assets in the right place, generating right income for a comfortable retirement.
2. Selling Your Business – Making sure your affairs are structured to maximise the cash you receive, and minimise the tax payable.
3. Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning – How do you protect your life’s work? By ensuring you have the correct framework of Will’s & Trust’s. Use our knowledge to cut out the unnecessary taxes and leaving the maximum benefits to your loved ones.
4. Leaving a Legacy and Living with Dignity – Ensuring that when we are gone, our spouses can continue to having security.

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