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Retail Recovery | restructuring, safety risks and staff absence – A WorkNest Webinar

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In our upcoming webinar exclusively for retailers, WorkNest’s industry experts and BIRA CEO Andrew Goodacre will be taking a closer look at some of the sector’s most pressing issues, including how to ensure safety standards don’t slip when operating a leaner team, latest best practice for managing COVID-related risks, and the steps required to carry out restructuring exercises compliantly.

During this free, interactive 60-minute session, WorkNest’s Principal Health & Safety Consultant Charles Spencer, Senior Solicitor Charlotte Morris from our sister company esphr, and BIRA CEO Andrew Goodacre will be teaming up to offer some much-needed guidance on these matters, including:

• How to conduct restructuring exercises (such as changing an employee’s hours, place of work, duties or pay) effectively and compliantly

• How to manage COVID-related absences and protect vulnerable employees

• Practical ways to mitigate health and safety risks (such as lone workers, first aiders and young workers) when operating leaner teams

• What ongoing management of COVID risk should look like now that legal restrictions have been lifted

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