Running a successful pharmacy business –  hear it from the financial experts

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Free of charge, as part of your NPA membership

Have the opportunity to hear from (and question) the financial experts on running a successful pharmacy business!

Hear advice from an Accountant and a Financial Advisor, both specialising in Community Pharmacy, on all business accounting and financial matters in these difficult times. Make sure that you have the necessary planning in place for your business and for yourselves, for the long term.

Key benefits of this webinar include:

·         Understand the difference between Pharmacy Accounting and Financial Advice and how it impacts your business

·         Potential funding model changes and how that could impact finances

·         The difference between cashflow and profit

·         The importance of checking financials throughout the year

·         How to spot potential problems and how to go about seeking the appropriate help

·         Exit planning (retirement etc)

·         Long term financial planning

·         Business sustainability

·        Financial (tax) matters to consider if selling

This event is part of a series of webinars on Contract and Funding. Register for future events and find out more here.