Shaping the future vision for community pharmacy

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Virtually via Zoom Meetings

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Free of charge as part of your NPA membership

An opportunity to share your views on the long-term vision for community pharmacy with others members of the NPA.

At a time of huge operational challenges in community pharmacy (funding, workforce, medicines supply etc.) it can be difficult to stop and think about the long-term vision for community pharmacy in England. But it is really important that we do this, if we are going to shape a better future for our sector.

This event will provide an opportunity to discuss key elements of how community pharmacy could operate in the future.

What clinical services should we provide?
How should the supply function evolve?
How should independent prescribers use their skills in community pharmacy?
How should the community pharmacy contract change?
Should our current role purchasing medicines on behalf of the NPA change?

NPA Board members and independent representatives from the PSNC vision steering group will be invited to attend to hear your thoughts.