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TympaHealth webinar – Ear and hearing health as a private clinical service

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Free of charge as part of your NPA membership.

Pharmacies up and down the country are expanding their private clinical services to help meet the growing demand for ear and hearing health services. With these services increasingly unavailable via a GP, and long wait times in primary care, demand for ear and hearing healthcare is skyrocketing. Pharmacies are becoming an essential hub to provide these services.
Find out how you can grow your pharmacy business by adding private ear and hearing healthcare as a clinical service.

Grow your pharmacy business & tap into new revenue streams with ear and hearing healthcare services as a private clinical service with TympaHealth.


5 key learning points:

1. Add ear and hearing healthcare as a profitable revenue stream to your pharmacy.

2. Don’t stop at Pharmacy First earache – private ear wax removals and hearing checks are the next step.

3. Understand the opportunity that ear and hearing healthcare presents to pharmacy businesses

4. What sets TympaHealth apart

5. Case study examples of pharmacies making ear and hearing healthcare work for them.


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“Since we started offering the Tympa service 6 months ago, we’ve expanded to 3 branches and have seen over 200 patients.” – Yogesh, Vicary Pharmacy