NPA’s partners for training and PGDs

17 Jun 2020

We are pleased to be partnering again with Charles Bloe Training (CBT) for the training, online purchase and enrolment process and with Medical Prescription Services (MPS) for the provision of our PGDs. The NPA/CBT e-commerce portal is currently under development to enhance the purchase and enrolment journey.


Training pathway highly recommended by the NPA

Refresher (online) training – for pharmacists previously trained on PGDs

– For all pharmacists who were due to complete their triennial face-to-face practical training this year i.e. they last attended face-to-face training in 2017, (the practical training can now be deferred until 2021)
– For all other pharmacists delivering Flu PGDs – it is highly recommended
– For all other pharmacists delivering other vaccination services – it must be undertaken

N.B. The NPA’s packages will include current advice on the use of PPE and guidance on infection control.

Face-to-face practical training (incl. online training

– For all pharmacists who are new vaccinators this year (no previously training undertaken)
– For all pharmacists who last attended face-to-face training prior to or during 2016
– For all pharmacists who were due for triennial face-to-face training this year and wish to undertake this training this year/do not want to wait until next year


Availability of training

Refresher training

As soon as our programme is launched, you will be able to go onto the NPA/CBT e-commerce portal, purchase your chosen PGD package(s) and complete the enrolment form. Within 24 working hours you will receive login details to the CBT Learning Management system (LMS) to enable you to complete the online training. On successful completion of your training, the PGDs (paper and electronic) will be available to download (with the exception of Flu which is released in September).

Face-to-face (practical) and online training – full PGD packages

We recognise that we are in an evolving situation and that devolved areas of the UK currently have different levels of guidance regarding easing ‘lockdown’ restrictions. We want to continue to facilitate your learning, however everyone’s safety and wellbeing remains our paramount concern.

We are monitoring government and regulatory body guidance on a regular basis. Plans are in place to offer practical training sessions from August onwards – subject to suitable venues being open to facilitate this training. To keep everyone safe, we will issue comprehensive information about the format of this year’s practical sessions.

On this basis, CBT is providing several locations and dates for selection at the time of purchase – venues will be confirmed nearer the date.

– You will be able to go onto the NPA/CBT e-commerce portal, purchase your chosen full package plus any additional refresher package(s) you may require, select your preferred location and date for the practical training and complete the enrolment form.
– You will be notified of the venue for your practical training, guidelines for attendance and given access to the LMS for online training at least a month before your training is due to be run.

PGD packages and pricing – good news!

The NPA is pleased to confirm the following:

– The majority of our packages have been held at 2019 member pricing
– The vaccination and oral bundle packages have been held at 2019 prices – with additional PGDs added into the bundles
– Chicken pox has been added to the Vaccination PGDs and Altitude sickness and Jet lag to the Oral PGDs
– The price of the individual Vaccination PGDs has been streamlined so that are all the same price now (£40 ex VAT)
– We are introducing a Flu PGD only at £18 (ex VAT) for any pharmacists who choose not to undertake training – conditions apply
– PGDs for all packages will automatically be provided in paper and electronic formats
– We are launching the Travel Health Service from MPS – an online travel health assessment tool which is available for an annual subscription of £110 (ex VAT)
– All NPA prices include the delivery of the training and the provision of the PGDs and certificate on successful completion of the training except for the Flu PGD only which does not include any training and the annual subscription to the Travel Health Service online portal

Extension to your current PGD licence
We are aware that some of your PGD licences may be nearing expiration and that you are unable to purchase new PGDs and complete training until we launch the 2020 programme. MPS has agreed to an extension to all expiring licences until Monday 13th July 2020.