Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) roadshow

15 Aug 2019

The PSNC is running a series of Sunday roadshow events to help community pharmacy contractors and anyone working in community pharmacies to understand the new five-year deal on the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF).

They take place across England from August to October, and the NPA encourages you to attend. Find out more on PSNC’s website

Meanwhile, here are some other intial steps you might wish to take, to prepare for the changes to the pharmacy contract in England:


10 things you can do right now to prepare for changes to the pharmacy contract in England  

  1. Read the information supplied by PSNC on their website and the NPA’s initial reaction. Watch PSNC’s webinar on the five-year CPCF and register for one of PSNC’s contract roadshow events
  2. Familiarise yourself with the new Community Pharmacist Consultation Scheme. The NPA has produced a webinar titled NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service: a golden opportunity for your pharmacy? Go to NPA website for more information.
  3. Gem up on the clinical knowledge you will need to deliver the range of services now in the NHS service development pipeline, and record this as CPD. Consider refreshing knowledge on minor illnesses and Hep C testing.  You can access the NPA’s CPD hub here.
  4. Make sure you are, or are on track to become a Healthy Living Pharmacy.  It will be a requirement by the Terms of Service to have attained HLP Level 1 status by April 2020. NPA training can be accessed here.
  5. In light of the fact that there will be no more new money for dispensing volume, think again about how you can either cut costs or work smarter and efficiently in your business and consider the skill mix in your pharmacy.  There are lots of practical tips in the Spring edition of InPharmacy magazine.
  6. Take stock of where you are financially. Watch our webinar on financial advice and consider speaking to our NPA recommended Business Partners by going to. Watch the NPA’s webinars on Understanding the Global Sum and Understanding Your Finances and Distribution of Margins so that you can better assess the impact on your cash flow. Visit our past events page for more details.
  7. Start thinking about your engagement with Primary Care Networks, liaising with your LPC.  Take a look at this blog from some intrepid NPA members already beginning their own PCN journey and follow them over the months ahead to learn from their progress.
  8. Build your local connectivity by speaking to your LPC Independent Representative and team and work to build even more positive relationships with your key GP surgery teams.
  9.  Let us know your thoughts on plans to change pharmacy reimbursement systems. The current DHSC consultation seeks to deliver a fairer share of margin, but some changes may have unintended consequences. Have your say at
  10. Review the new Quality Payment criteria for the second half of the financial year. Start thinking about how you can deliver them.